Ohhh, it's my photograhy!

I've been so busy recently with all the stuff you can do on the computer. Like editing photographs! Was it like four days death on my blog? Whooaaoo.. NOT GOOD!

I love photographing a lot! It's so much fun, especially when pushing on the button and great pictures just keep appearing in a row on your camera screen. But there is a dark side of photography, that might be annoying sometimes and makes you hate life, people and computers!! Before computer photography time there were dark rooms, the place you would develop photographic films...

(And that's all I know about dark rooms and film photography! :D I'm not a fan of film photography and my knowledge is very poor at that field. And you know, I don't care either. Someone who shoots only on film isn't a better photographer than the one who shoots with a fucking over-priced digital camera! People who think that are ignorant!)

Anyway.. There's no better feeling than getting your image done and having a look at it! Seriously, it's the essence of photography! After long hours of work with one photo you might still feel unsatisfied, miserable and disappointing with yourself. But seeing the final image is over the top! The thing with digital imagery is though, you're never happy with the end result, even after 2h work, you will find something you could improve. There is no end to that!

So let me introduce this photo series I've shot in the beginning of November. Now it's 30th of December and I just finished it! In meanwhile, I was so busy that I couldn't finish it earlier. And I know how disappointing it is to people, who took part of it and can't wait to see the final images! I had many other shoots in between with super tight deadline. No can do!

This was shot just for fun. After one 3-day webinar, I had straight from NYC, I was very inspired and full of ideas. So I found the right people for the shoot and we made all happen.

Photographed by ME!
Model: Olga Minina
Make-up and stylist: Margit Sauk
Hair stylist: Annika Esnar

And there's a photo of our team! :)

What you think? Am I any good? :D

Aalo, xx



My first month of blogging

My baby (read: my blog) got today ONE MONTH old! Unbelievable how fast time went by. Creepy!

Hopefully in the future İ will be posting more often and discover new topics for me to write about.

The Christmas went very well! İ've got really nice and useful presents. My family knows what that boy wants! Creepy Vol 2!!!

İ've got tickets to cinema, Dior Homme Sport and a new green hat! İ am very difficult at picking the right fragrance, because they all smell nice and it's hard to find "the one and only and the best" fragrance. You know, some smell good only in the beginning and later more like dead cat or some shit like that. But not this one!

Now İ'm a cool blogger and smell sexy too!

And some off topic thoughts:
This is where I am right now!


And this is where I would love to be ... 
PS! If you are living in some place similar to the picture below and disliking it, I officially hate you! Period!


Happy everything!


GREENYELLOWWHITE: Outfit of the day

I am not really sure whether I hate or love ”out of the day” stuff. Blogging for some time, I thought, something is sort of missing. Pictures of the person behind the blog, that would give life to the ”thing”. To cut the crap short, I've finally decided to do an OOTD and here it is.

Last week or so I noticed yellow pants in H&M. I thought, how to wear yellow? What colors fit?
I believe black top+yellow bottom would look good but I've decided to make it kinda lighter. Yellow is color of summer so with fresh/spring green it would look good. White is for winter, snow and left blank for new ideas.

Pants are from H&M, hat from a sport shop three years ago, white o-neck sweatshirt from ebay.com.

I also did LOOKBOOK! No Idea how it works LOL!

What ya think?

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It's Tyra Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaankss!

I have to admit, with all the buzz around America's Next Top Model, I became a big fan of Tyra Banks! She doesn't make following her on social media that difficult either, she's everywhere! So I'm following her on facebook (I'm not that fan of G+, Linked or following big celebrities on Twitter).

She's a power women and everyone admires that. We all would like to be as power business men/women as her too, wouldn't we? Well, I do!

Lately I've been browsing for magazine covers for January 2013 issues. New year somehow excites me and I'm not sad to finish this as soon as possible. This year was great but new is always better!

And this is what I found! Tyra Banks for Harper's Bazaar Singapore January 2013!

Tyra Banks for Harper's Bazaar Singapore January 2013, America's Next Top Model

By the way, I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove these latex wrist ”warmers”!!!

Tyra Banks for Harper's Bazaar Singapore January 2013, America's Next Top Model
Tyra Banks for Harper's Bazaar Singapore January 2013, America's Next Top Model

Tyra Banks for Harper's Bazaar Singapore January 2013, America's Next Top Model

Tyra Banks for Harper's Bazaar Singapore January 2013, America's Next Top Model

Tyra Banks for Harper's Bazaar Singapore January 2013, America's Next Top Model
Images are from here!

What you think of the cover? Would you buy the mag?




Hello all my readers and visitors!

Because of my successful start I had with my blog, why not make my first giveaway? I gained so many facebook followers and blog visitors in such a short time that I am very pleasantly surprised and thankful for all of that. It is truly such a motivation booster and I have so many ideas I want to write about too!

To celebrate my start I thought it could be a good time for a giveaway? I haven't blogged for a month yet but I could announce the winner on my blog's ONE MONTH Bday. Because it's on Holiday season I thought it could be wiser announce the winner on 28th of December! How does that sound?

So what are the prizes?
Nine pairs of silver and gold filled ear rings! You'll get everything that are in this picture I did for you. 
What do you think??? Don't you love the bling?! : )
Let's thank my sister for sponsoring with the jewellery. You can visit her company page on facebook. It's new though and not much information there yet!
All the ear rings are nickel free!

How to participate in this giveaway?

The steps are easy but it's really important to follow all of them correctly in order to win!

1. Like my facebook page and share this giveaway IMAGE!

2. Subscribe to my blog via ”follow by email”. Please check your inbox for a verification message. You will need to click a link listed in this message to activate your subscription. 
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3. Leave a comment with your name and e-mail in the comments below.

The winner will be announced on my facebook page on 28th of December and picked by Random.org! Can't wait!

I wish you all good luck!


Amber Gray for Lush Magazine

What an amazing imagery by Amber Gray for Lush Magazine!
I love the concept behind this shoot. The color contrasts just blow my mind into glitter dust.

Although red and blue color combination has been very popular for some time already. Also the thick smoke coming slowly out of the model's mouth is very IN right now. But this just brings it to the next level. No one can ever over do.

The painted eyes on model's eyelids look so crazy!

I also love the video for this fashion story.

Amber Gray, Lush Magazine
Amber Gray, Lush Magazine
Amber Gray, Lush Magazine
Amber Gray, Lush Magazine
Amber Gray, Lush Magazine

 All photos are from here.



I Know What I Did Last Summer*

Last summer was great but short! Well I could say that every year!

I wasn't traveling much and most of my time spent working. But still managed to find time to visit my friends in Estonia and enjoyed spending time with them. We had parties non-stop and barbeques almost everyday. There is nothing better than cooking and relaxing with friends! At least I am that kind of person, lazy like a cat!

This summer I also started photographing fashion bloggers. All the blogging buzz etc was sort of new to me and I didn't know anything about blogging or how popular it is. Their adventures stories inspired me to start a blog myself.

I met three fashion bloggers and all of them have very different style from each other. Here are some photos.

Photographing these bloggers was probably one of the highlights in my summer. Shooting totally strangers was kind of new to me and therefor educational experience.

You can check out my photography page here .

Aamukahvila, indiedays, Henriikka Simojoki, fashion blogger
Aamukahvila, indiedays, Henriikka Simojoki, fashion blogger

Heidi Caterina Tuominen, searchingflbd, searching for little black dress, fashion blog

Annmarie, iltasanomat, fashion blogger
Annmarie, iltasanomat, fashion blogger

What have you been up to this summer?


*The title of this post is a modification of horror movie's name "I Know What You Did Last Summer", 1997



Oh God, send me a pair of these shoes and save the kitties!

Seriously, who doesn't love shoes! Everyone would own billions of pairs, only if they could.
At least İ would! But there's a bigger problem than having the cash leftovers. My feet are just too large! Most of the shoe shops sell sizes that are up to eur 46 but my feet are 47! Terrible!
Random fashion stores like H&M and co sell up to 44-45.

Another reason is that even İf they have shoes that are in my size, they look ugly as hell! Just plain ugly fuckings. What's the point of ugly colorless shoes? İ don't own clothes that would go with black shoes!

İf you are not sure what İ mean by ugly men shoe, then go to a shoe store and have a look at the shoes for male buyers. All black or ugly core tex! No color no style. You won't find anything different most of the times (but sometimes you might get lucky!).

So here is a gallery of amazing shoes İ would like to find from stores. And İ don't care if there are no costumers to buy these products! That would mean sale discounts and many pairs for me!

All images are from http://www.luisaviaroma.com.

Shoes by A. Testoni, Pierre Hardy, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti, Adidas by Jeremy Scott, Dsquared, Giacomorelli, Burberry Prorsum
My friend asked me if these are girl shoes. No, these are for cool lads like me! : )

PS! Santa, can you see this post? :wink:wink:



Wet dreams of printed sweatshirts

Right now I have a total sweatshirt period. Maybe it's the winter and freezing temperatures. Also colors tend to inspire more than ever, feels like eat-breath-live colors. Again, maybe it's the white winter and eye sees less colors than usually and mind is more open for new color combinations.

Whatever the case may be, today I woke up with the urge to google for printed sweatshirts and t-shirts. Tees have always been on my mind, but at the moment they're not dominating my whole brain.

I instantly remembered one really cool shop from Barcelona, called Smooooth clothing. They print on sweatshirts and on leggings, now they have tank tops too!

Here are my fav picks! Next time, when you're visiting Barcelona, go and check out their store.

All these photos are from http://www.smoooothclothing.com/.

Sweatshirt from Barcelona, Smooooth clothing

I also remembered one t-shirt I saw somewhere online. After a while I've found them! It's The Mountain, http://shop.themountain.me. They do tees with big animal faces and some other themes as well.! And here's my picks. I think the price is actually pretty cheap because that size prints cost as hell! Especially multicolor prints, you have no idea!

Photos are from http://shop.themountain.me/.

cool t-shirts, print t-shirt, The Mountain

On Smooooth clothing's facebook page I've noticed a second link. It has a blank white sweatshirt and a place where you can paste youtube link. Then the video you linked will appear inside the sweatshirt.

I ”made” some Nicki Minaj sweatshirts with her ”Starshipmusic video! I love this song!! See how cool sweatshirts I've made? 

Nicki Minaj Starship sweatshirts, Nicki Minaj troll

Which one you like most?

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Crazy party people

How to dress to a party?  It's always so difficult to decide, isn't it?

To be honest, this post won't help you with that either. I love seeing crazy people with crazy styles in the clubs. I believe that people change during the night and become somebody they're not during the day. This post is a gallery of colorful and beautiful drunk people. In awesome clothes!

Textile printing has been a passion of mine for very long time. It started in the high school when I was experimented with stencils and different textile paints. Trust me, I managed to create many ugly things! I also experienced with sewing to enlarge my collection of ugly and messed up clothes. I have to admit I'm still on that but with more luck.

After school I got a change to work as a silk-screen printer. It was a dream come true for me! I remember leaving from work, and before I got home, I wanted to go back! That's true love! And then I moved to Finland....

I still (heart) printed clothes a lot! That's how I got inspired to write this post. It's about cool people in cool prints and colors. Party people are happy people.

All this photos are from http://www.thecobrasnake.com. I discovered The Corbra Snake from America's Next Top Model in Season 19! I love ANTM!

According to they're facebook page:  ”Founded by Mark Hunter, in 2003, is a website that features a photographic window into the most exclusive events around the world; its content shapes pop culture. ”

thecobrasnake gallery, antm
Tyra Banks

And here are some t-shirts I made few years ago!

who's aalo

Hope you enjoyed this!

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XMASGIFTS.GIF: 17 Christmas gifts for you, your love and your grandma!

You either love or you hate Christmas. Who cares! But nothing is ruder than not giving gifts on Christmas!

A perfect gift doesn't have to be material or expensive. I would say it has to be special and thoughtful! This blog post is for those who are looking for material stuff to give to your friends. I'm sure these will bring joy and laughter to Everyone!

Little tip! Last night I was powershopping on eBay. I tried to order all I needed from less seller as possible! You have no idea how much I've saved on the shipping cost, as many sellers will combine the products. And it's more ecological too! So I would suggest you to order products you like from one online-store in case they don't have free shipping. This way you can save money on shipping costs or get it delivered to you for free!

Today I was searching for Xmas ideas from my very favorite online store Urban Outfitters! They have always super fun toys, gift ideas and other stuff in their stores.

Here I've picked few superfuntimes gift ideas to look at and maybe you will find something inspiring that will fit well a person you know or for yourself! I've already sent my wishlist to Santa!

By the way, today I was looking more closure on how to make animated gifs! I've made these for you today, hope you like!

Something for you or your boyfriend! Get it from here and here!

Tiger suit from Urban Outfitters

No ideas what to get for your mom or granny? What about a guilt! Get them from here and here!

Guilt from Urban Outfitters!

Impress your girlfriends! Get the sheets from here and here! The pillows from here and here!

Party hard but know your limits! For Homer Simpson and for friends!

Everyone loves fun mugs! Coffee? Tea? Hot chocolate? Or maybe soup?

Katy Perry and Michael Jackson cup from Urban Outfitters!

Don't forget your music lovers! With these cool headphones! Yellow, gray, pink, violet!

Pink, gray, yellow and lilac headphones frome Urban Outfitters
Does your friend loves fashion, books and photography? Get the ultimate 3in1 gift! A photobook "Rankin: Caroline Saulnier" from here!

Photography book from Urban Outfitters!

All images are from Urbanoutfitters.

Tell me what you think?
See ya,


Let the DIY madness begin!

Lately I've been thinking non-stop about DIY stuff I want to do. But first you have to order all the needed before pimping old into new.

I personally love tuning new clothes. Like starting with buying a new shirt that I will re-do. I never find anything from second hand shops for me!!! Seriously! And I don't know why! Usually the things are too ugly, not in my size or the fabric is terrible. Sometimes I think my body is like really really a non-standard type of figure. Hands are too long or my butt is too big or feet are too large. How the hack Nicki Minaj buys jeans??

Mostly I've been fantasizing of DIY o-neck sweatshirts. I'm miserable at sewing clothes so I ordered some basic sweatshirts online. I was looking for pure white and black sweatshirt but I think I need one in light blue too. After a while, surfing trough all possible online stores of our local fashion shops, I've noticed that we don't have any white o-neck sweatshirts for men! And I couldn't remember seeing any while out and about either.  Unbelievable! Over all the choice of colors is not that great either! I mean some guys would love to own a sweatshirt that is in light blue, white, pink or in whatever color! Anyway I could order everything I need for these DIY projects online.

So what is the DIY shopping list?

I've been interested in textile printing for very very long time! Something lead me to this unbelievably awesome way of printing. Inkodye from Lumi!

Lumi Inkodye inks for printing
Photo: Lumi

O-neck sweatshirts!
O-neck sweatshirt from Fruit of Loom
Photo: Ebay
I totally love hot-fix stuff because they are easy to apply and effective! Rhinestones, glitter transfer vinyl, nailheads!
blue rhinestones
Photo Rhinestoneshop

Pigment dye for textile!
pigment dye for texile
Photo Hobbypoint

And... REAL HUMAN HAIR!!!!!! Yeah!
remi human hair extensions
Photo: Lightinthebox

Uhh... I am so excited! Can't wait to receive all the crazy things! And I hate waiting them to arrive! Most of the things are ordered from Ebay except the Lumi Inkodye which is from they're website!

What would you do out of these things? To see what I will do with these, subscribe to my blog and you won't miss a thing!




"Published" two times in a row in Costume magazine!

This summer İ've been shooting some fashion bloggers which was very fun experience. During the summer you have endless locations outdoors and it's warm (nothing is freezing like now as the snow fell down and it turned -16!). It's a good reason to get your butt outside instead of killing your time behind the computer! Or behind any other screen!
I wonder what should I do now during the winter? Getting an indoor location to shoot is a challenge for me so this could be very educational!

Overall İ haven't shot that much outdoors before but the end results were still awesome. Especially with my new lens that İ've got for my birthday from my grandma!

Meanwhile a new magazine came out in Finland. İt's called Costume and it's originally from Norway! And photos I've shot are published in it! Or should I say "published"?

The photos got into the magazine trough an online competition they have online on the magazine's website. Unfortunately there's not my name under the published photographs but the blogger's. But that's life I guess!

Still, my photographs got into the magazine two times in a row! In November 2012 and December 2012/ January 2013 issues!

The photo in the last issue is least fav of mine but yeah. You should never send to other horrible photos because they tend to pick exactly the worst ones! Anyway seeing your photos published is still pleasant.

 You can visit my homepage for more photos!

What are your thought on that kind of publication/ exposure?

Thanks & Ciao!