Fashion trends I don't understand: Creepers!

There are some things in fashion that I don't understand or which I hate. Like very weird fashion pieces that simply make you angry! So I've decided it would be fun to have a category about these things. First that pop into my mind are creepers!

What the hell are these? Me no gusta! I think creepers are really really odd shoes. Like super mega weird, ugly shoes. Ugly fucklings!

Right now I have to breath slowly not to explode...

Before starting writing this I asked some of my friends if all haters are with me? Do they like creepers? Are they fans? I actually don't know anyone with that style who could wear them out. But I'm sure there are such people. And I hope I won't see them. At least in the bars or clubs I'm going because that's how my creeper nightmare started...

To get to know creepers better I made some research first before writing this hate post. It was interesting to know that they're history started back after World War II! People used to wear them because of the cold weather. If you're from area with snowy and cold winter you should know that thin sole footwear is not good in the winter. Because the ground is cold and your temperature in your shoes chills and all that. The bottom of the shoe is not thick enough to block the cold from icy ground.

I asked some of my friends and they all were like "NOO!!". You can buy them almost from every online shoe-store and they sell them even in H&M. So there must be a lot of people who would give they're left arm just to own at least a pair. Obviously black. I imagine indie kids wearing them, so it has to be black!

One Estonian born musician, currently living in L.A, has something similar like the creepers but a lot of cooler shoe. Not sure how they're called but I like those shoes much better. The musician's name is Kerli. She does very interesting music and her music videos rock too! Always interesting ideas behind the story and a lot of the outfits and accessories are done by her. Even the shoes are costume made. How cool is that?

Kerli's images are from her facebook page.
I love following her on Facebook too.
She spreads love, beauty and all kind of positive messages around the world with her music and trough social media. You should check her out!
Thanks & Ciao


Snow, snow, fashion! Snow, snow, fashion!

Yesterday when I was walking home it started to snow! I wondered what tomorrow will look like outside. All white and minus billion degrees? Around midday it showed +2 in the city center and it was raining for a while but not much.

My aunt called me while I was on my way home. She said they have -2 and everything is white. Well they live in the middle of Finland and the weather is very different from Helsinki. There it gets cold and the snowy like few months or so before in does here. It's just around 350km away and such a difference!

When I woke up today I heard outside this scraping sound. Like someone is cleaning they're car's front windshield from ice and snow.

I tell you right away, I hate snow and winter is not my fav time of the year. And this seasons lasts far too long in here! Gosh, snow from November until March or April... Sucks! Photos of snow and snowy Alps look nice but not experiencing it. At least I feel that way!

Fortunately there was not much snow on the ground and it actually looked nice because you know you won't suffer that much once you'll get outside. It's not that cold yet but weather tends to surprise, doesn't it?

Interesting thought that popped into my mind was one fashion editorial I saw sometimes somewhere. After a while googling it I found it. Tatler Russia December 2011! Photographed by http://thomaswhiteside.com/.

I was amazed how different and beautiful it looked compared to the fashion pics taken in sandy desert or some fields which are quit popular locations to shoot!

Photo source: Tatler Russia December 2011

Pretty neat looking, right? 

Thanks & Ciao,

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”Let there be light” said God and turned on the Christmas lights

So cool!!! Me like it a lot! They turned on the lights probably few weeks ago already, at least on the Aleksanteri street which is the commercial shopping street in Helsinki. They have A-letter hanging above the road. Stockmann, the oldest shopping mall in Finland, is also pimped up with lights, glitter, shine and sparkle.

I'm crossing the street many times and 6-7 days a week because it's on my way to work and back home. So yesterday I've decided to photograph the hanging light system. When I left work in the dark (at the moment it gets dark around 5-6pm) to capture something nice. It was raining a bit before I finished the day. All the roads were wet. Love it! The best conditions to get awesome street photos during the dark/ night because the roads reflect back all the light and it's just beautiful. Although all the moist and rain is not healthy for the camera but it wasn't raining during my action time so shoot shoot shoot!

I guess it was my first time I was shooting street light in the dark with my new camera Nikon D800 which I've got this summer. A while ago I shot Heidi for her blog but that's different. I kind of feel that city lights is sort of different genre for me which I enjoy a lot! You can see my city light collection on my website.

I must say the camera totally rocked. Nice image quality, killer colors, pure pleasure. And with a tiny re-touch they will be also rocking my blog!

The weird thing with red is that I totally hate it. At least this is how I used to think before. But red lights on Stockman are so awesome and effective. The yellowish lights give sort of luxury feeling what Stockmann branding is all about. 

I don't own any red clothes and it's not my fav color. I don't know why I feel that way. And then again I will do red and blue contrast re-touch on my photography.

Maybe it's time for me to admit that deep inside I like red??

Thanks & Ciao


My three super fav photographers vol 1

I love following photographers on Facebook. I'd like to introduce you my three favs although there are a lot of them I am following.
It's interesting to see what others are up to and they're work is super inspiring to me. On social media you also get a change to have a word with them and even make some connections.

My super love from Paris is Pierre Dal Corso. His style is very sexed up and I love that. He pictures his girls in a very feminine way, hot but not slutty. Also his ideas and concepts are very interesting. There are many things I like to use in my photography that are directly influenced by his work. Nakedness and other sexy elements like this oily/ wet skin, big hairdo etc. His choice of models is very girl next door and international-looking faces.

 Pierre Dal Corso photography
 Pierre Dal Corso photography

The other long time fav is photographer Lara Jade. I've been following her work since Flickr time, long before Facebook. Her style is very classy, elegant and clean. She says it's very girly too. I am lucky to have seen some video courses made by her. Because I am a fan I suck all the good knowledge in like a sponge. Recently I saw her 3-day live broadcast straight from NYC. It started around 5pm Helsinki time and lasted until 12pm. It was about working with model agencies, social media as she's expert on that, working with magazines, image processing and lots of other stuff.

She began photography by taking self-portraits at the age of 14, at 17 she started her photography company and now being in her early twenties she gives photography classes worldwide, works between London and NY and published a book Fashion Photography 101. How awesome is that? Me so jelly you have no idea! :)

Lara Jade photography

Lara Jade photography

The third photographer is Aleksandra Podburtnaja who is originally from Estonia and moved to London for her studies. I love her style because it's colorful and fun. Talented girl!
Aleksandra Podburtnaja photography
Aleksandra Podburtnaja photography


All the images here are linked from photographer's Facebook pages.

Thanks & Ciao

#1 Make-up that blows my mind

There is sexy make-up and there is make-up that failed. Women's relationship with make-up is somehow funny but psychologically very deep and complicated. Which often comes out during a photoshoot. The people tend change so much and not only from the outside.

For me make-up is super exciting topic but I have to admit I have no glue how to do it. It's like there are billions of brushes and colorful stuff, foundations, primers, pads and liquids and who know what else... So confusing, when should you use which brush and in which direction etc... I'd rather keep out of that!

And that's what make-up artists are for! The cool thing about photography is that most of the time the photographer gets to decide which the make-up and hair should be done. (At least in personal work! Otherwise the client has the last word.) It's something I enjoy a lot!

I feel mostly inspired by vivid colors and big make-ups. I'm not that much into fantasy or weird goth flowers EWWWW!!! It has to be professional. Gluing thing on the face is cool though.

So here is a tiny collection of make-ups that blew my mind. There is something about vivid yellow and deep black. Looks somehow poisonous, like a tropical killer from animal kingdom. The one with pink eye shadows is very feminine and gentle but the black eye line gives nice edge and strong impression.

The one with golden liquid.. OMG!! Love it love it love it!!

The huge dark smokey eye is just great. This is what I mean by big make up! The bigger the better! (Sometimes.) The smokey eye should make the eye bigger but if the waterline is dark too it actually makes the eyeball appear smaller. Which in this case is very sexy! It adds mystery to the look. So cool!

All images are from Pinterest.