Ohhh, it's my photograhy!

I've been so busy recently with all the stuff you can do on the computer. Like editing photographs! Was it like four days death on my blog? Whooaaoo.. NOT GOOD!

I love photographing a lot! It's so much fun, especially when pushing on the button and great pictures just keep appearing in a row on your camera screen. But there is a dark side of photography, that might be annoying sometimes and makes you hate life, people and computers!! Before computer photography time there were dark rooms, the place you would develop photographic films...

(And that's all I know about dark rooms and film photography! :D I'm not a fan of film photography and my knowledge is very poor at that field. And you know, I don't care either. Someone who shoots only on film isn't a better photographer than the one who shoots with a fucking over-priced digital camera! People who think that are ignorant!)

Anyway.. There's no better feeling than getting your image done and having a look at it! Seriously, it's the essence of photography! After long hours of work with one photo you might still feel unsatisfied, miserable and disappointing with yourself. But seeing the final image is over the top! The thing with digital imagery is though, you're never happy with the end result, even after 2h work, you will find something you could improve. There is no end to that!

So let me introduce this photo series I've shot in the beginning of November. Now it's 30th of December and I just finished it! In meanwhile, I was so busy that I couldn't finish it earlier. And I know how disappointing it is to people, who took part of it and can't wait to see the final images! I had many other shoots in between with super tight deadline. No can do!

This was shot just for fun. After one 3-day webinar, I had straight from NYC, I was very inspired and full of ideas. So I found the right people for the shoot and we made all happen.

Photographed by ME!
Model: Olga Minina
Make-up and stylist: Margit Sauk
Hair stylist: Annika Esnar

And there's a photo of our team! :)

What you think? Am I any good? :D

Aalo, xx



  1. You're a real self-taught talent out there :) I really like the photos.

  2. I think you're great! Love these photos. You know I agree with you that in the end it doesn't really matter how the shot is produced but if you ever get the chance I highly recommend you enter a darkroom once in your life....there's just something to it, it's a part of the art!

  3. Great job my friend! :) Love them!