Let the DIY madness begin!

Lately I've been thinking non-stop about DIY stuff I want to do. But first you have to order all the needed before pimping old into new.

I personally love tuning new clothes. Like starting with buying a new shirt that I will re-do. I never find anything from second hand shops for me!!! Seriously! And I don't know why! Usually the things are too ugly, not in my size or the fabric is terrible. Sometimes I think my body is like really really a non-standard type of figure. Hands are too long or my butt is too big or feet are too large. How the hack Nicki Minaj buys jeans??

Mostly I've been fantasizing of DIY o-neck sweatshirts. I'm miserable at sewing clothes so I ordered some basic sweatshirts online. I was looking for pure white and black sweatshirt but I think I need one in light blue too. After a while, surfing trough all possible online stores of our local fashion shops, I've noticed that we don't have any white o-neck sweatshirts for men! And I couldn't remember seeing any while out and about either.  Unbelievable! Over all the choice of colors is not that great either! I mean some guys would love to own a sweatshirt that is in light blue, white, pink or in whatever color! Anyway I could order everything I need for these DIY projects online.

So what is the DIY shopping list?

I've been interested in textile printing for very very long time! Something lead me to this unbelievably awesome way of printing. Inkodye from Lumi!

Lumi Inkodye inks for printing
Photo: Lumi

O-neck sweatshirts!
O-neck sweatshirt from Fruit of Loom
Photo: Ebay
I totally love hot-fix stuff because they are easy to apply and effective! Rhinestones, glitter transfer vinyl, nailheads!
blue rhinestones
Photo Rhinestoneshop

Pigment dye for textile!
pigment dye for texile
Photo Hobbypoint

And... REAL HUMAN HAIR!!!!!! Yeah!
remi human hair extensions
Photo: Lightinthebox

Uhh... I am so excited! Can't wait to receive all the crazy things! And I hate waiting them to arrive! Most of the things are ordered from Ebay except the Lumi Inkodye which is from they're website!

What would you do out of these things? To see what I will do with these, subscribe to my blog and you won't miss a thing!




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    1. Not really! ;) Can't tell you now! But hair is expensive as fucking hell!!

  2. Se excited to see what you come up with!!

    Neil B.