Donatella Versace x Lady Gaga

My Tumblr feed is filled with Lady Gaga's photos of her attending Versace's show in Paris. The most popular is were they both are together, a gif from a youtube video.

donatella versace, versace, lady gaga, gagz, the fame, blond girls, fashion design, fashion, vogue

Donatella Versace – for very long time, I only knew how she looked like, because she has such an unique style. Very recently, I saw few interviews with her and was surprised, how interesting person she seems to be. At her age, 58, she looks wonderful and youthful. She kept on repeating about the amazingness of internet, and how much you can benefit from it business-wise, of course. Because she is throughout a strong business women and I admire people like her.

There were few interesting interviews about Donatella Versace on youtube, that I liked in particular, both were provided by Vogue. The longer interview, that was held by Vogue UK was really interesting and fun, but the interviewer was so unprofessional, that it was impossible to watch to the end. Such a shame on Vogue UK. Donatella told many fun stories and I like, that she has this terrible sounding voice and English, still she doesn't care nor let's that stop her from speaking. Also I was very touched by what she said on other Vogue interview that she would like to work more on her self-esteem. It sounded so human.

Here is the long interview, where the interviewer sucked.

Still, Lady Gaga and Donatella look amazing together, like mother and daughter. Love it!

donatella versace, versace, lady gaga, gagz, the fame, blond girls
 Image from here.

This collaboration of Gagz and Donatella brought up some rude village story, that Lady Gaga is morphing into Donatella Versace. I find it rather interesting, the chameleon like advertising campaign, where Gaga reminds of young Donatella.

donatella versace, versace, lady gaga, gagz, the fame, blond girls, fashion design, fashion, vogue
 Image from here.

Some people compare Donatella Versace to a blond leather bag, how nasty?! Little advice, that will make you a better person in this universe: stop judging people because feeling stupid afterward isn't pleasant!


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Faroe Islands, why do you have to kill whales and dolphins for fun?

It breaks my heart, makes me very sad and angry as hell.
Faroe Islands are part of Denmark, located between Norway and Iceland, has the most brainless annual “festival” ever. They tricked to the bay or fjord, where they will be slaughtered. Through this tradition young men will become “adults” after they kill the animal. Would you date someone who proudly for no reason killed an innocent huge animal?

These dolphin species are friendly in nature and come close to human to play and communicate. Their meat is also unsafe for human consumption. Especially for children and pregnant women.

 All images are linked from here, where you can also read more about whale slaughter.

There are also several petitions where you can sign against this cruelty. It won't take long time.

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Tumblr's Digest: Black, Leather and Crystals

I love and hate Tumblr.com. It's like ”made in China” items: they are easier to access and cheap, but in the bigger picture, they are economically bad, may lack of quality or duration, and the ethical side is most of the time unknown.

Tumblr is the sweetest sins of the Internet. I am using tumblr app for iphone and basically I scroll blogs I am following and rebloging stuff I like. It's filled with beauty and filth. It's a visual stimulant. You'll never leave tumblr uninspired or lacking of ideas. Tumblr is the bad ass sibling of Pinterest.

To spice up my blog, I thought it would be awesome to garnish it with a collage of images I like. Seems like today's theme is black, leather, dark side, crystals and rhinestones, low energy, goth, twisted. 

kate moss, w mag, fashion magazine, fashion kate moss

It's funny, when I see black, it doesn't awake any emotions in me. Have you noticed anything similar with yourself? I mean different color combinations, white, vivid colors, pastels etc, they all put you into certain mood or bring some moments to your mind, but not black. At least not for me. Although funny fact is, that in color theory, black is the combination of all colors! It's basically like a rainbow but blended together.

My closet is filled with all kind of colors except black. Right now I don't even own any black shoes. But I do have some black pants which need to be fixed to fit me. One pair of black vintage The Boss denim jeans and black leather pants, which remind me of something Shakira wore in her “Whenever, wherever” music video. So they definitely need to be re-altered for good!

emo, male models, new york, crystals, catwalk, runway, fashion, cool black fashion, sexy leather

designer clothing, fashion photography, awesome fashion, wicked, runway, catwalk fashion trends

photography, fashion photography crystals rhinestones black models awesome

 Here are the links to the original images, counting from left to right:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20



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Behind the scene video of photo shoot: "How we met"

Hello ya'll, how you've been doing?
My blog's been kind of off for some months. Usually the reason for my rare blogging is being too excited about other things. And I am wowing myself for what I've learned meanwhile. Also I am considering expanding this website's themes and topics and adding some more categories, perhaps. I think blogging is a nice way to try out new things. I never contacted any designer to borrow some clothes for an outfit shoot for my Lookbook profile, which has by now over 2600 followers. Also it would be amazing to access exciting location for free, for some fun projects.

This blog has been created in November 2012. Basically it's a bit over a year old and I must admit, I am pretty satisfied with the statistics. I wasn't investing that much of my time like some other awesome bloggers did, and got killer stats. Even while being offline, everyday someone was visiting this blog.

My latest project, that I finished, was a ”behind the scene” video of one of my photoshoot in a hotel. It took place in in Tartu, Estonia, in August 2012. Thankfully I was smart enough to ask my friend to film the whole action. Because lately I've been interested a lot in videography so I had some materials to work on. In the future I see myself as a videographer and a photographer. Editing and composing the movie was a nice practical experience. On the next day, after posting the video, it already got over 500 views, thanks to participants, who shared it on their facebook profiles.

Seeing yourself on video is pretty awkward, sharing it to the world feels even more odd. But I guess a video tells you more about the person than a photograph. It's more real too because in photoshop you can edit everything you wish. It's possible in video too, but not as easy.

The story behind the shooting was to get me materials for couple photography promo. The funny part was, they weren't even a real couple, just friends. That's why you can't see any kissing, touching and such.

Here is a picture I posted on my instagram. Two images below are screenshots of the video: before color correction and after.

Hopefully you enjoyed the video!!!!


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Kick ass Halloween costumes and movies

Halloween is my most favorite tradition of the year. I am more excited about it than my birthday, Christmas and celebration of Midsummer combined. Well maybe not more than Midsummer but still. I remember when I was young and watched satellite TV too much, there was so much Halloween themed movies and programs that I didn't go out at all during these days. Those movies and such were stimulating my imagination so much that it gave me kicks to paint strange stuff at school.
 For Estonians celebrating Halloween is pretty new thing and I doubt if they really celebrate it at all. We have our own celebrations that are somehow similar though. Right now I am living in Finland and here it's a big thing and I love it!

Right now there is a Halloween themed costume competition on Lookbook.nu which is sponsored by BlackMilk clothing. It's so amazing what kind of ideas everyone came up. Also the image quality is kicking ass like always.

Here are some looks that I liked the most. They include my favorite movie characters like Edward Scissorhands and Wednesday.

What is Halloween post entry without movie suggestions? Well, garbage, because not all people are interested in dressing them up like weirdos and go clubbing, drink their faces ugly and wake up somewhere costumes on. I'd like to share some old time favorite movies of mine. I probably watched these billion of times and won't get enough this Halloween either.

Tim Burton's "Beetlejuice" is one of my most favorite movies he has ever made.

"Rocky Horror Picture Show" made history! It was difficult to find a good trailer on YouTube.

 Hotel Transylvania is probably the less violent animation for children I've seen in my life!

Happy Halloween!