XMASGIFTS.GIF: 17 Christmas gifts for you, your love and your grandma!

You either love or you hate Christmas. Who cares! But nothing is ruder than not giving gifts on Christmas!

A perfect gift doesn't have to be material or expensive. I would say it has to be special and thoughtful! This blog post is for those who are looking for material stuff to give to your friends. I'm sure these will bring joy and laughter to Everyone!

Little tip! Last night I was powershopping on eBay. I tried to order all I needed from less seller as possible! You have no idea how much I've saved on the shipping cost, as many sellers will combine the products. And it's more ecological too! So I would suggest you to order products you like from one online-store in case they don't have free shipping. This way you can save money on shipping costs or get it delivered to you for free!

Today I was searching for Xmas ideas from my very favorite online store Urban Outfitters! They have always super fun toys, gift ideas and other stuff in their stores.

Here I've picked few superfuntimes gift ideas to look at and maybe you will find something inspiring that will fit well a person you know or for yourself! I've already sent my wishlist to Santa!

By the way, today I was looking more closure on how to make animated gifs! I've made these for you today, hope you like!

Something for you or your boyfriend! Get it from here and here!

Tiger suit from Urban Outfitters

No ideas what to get for your mom or granny? What about a guilt! Get them from here and here!

Guilt from Urban Outfitters!

Impress your girlfriends! Get the sheets from here and here! The pillows from here and here!

Party hard but know your limits! For Homer Simpson and for friends!

Everyone loves fun mugs! Coffee? Tea? Hot chocolate? Or maybe soup?

Katy Perry and Michael Jackson cup from Urban Outfitters!

Don't forget your music lovers! With these cool headphones! Yellow, gray, pink, violet!

Pink, gray, yellow and lilac headphones frome Urban Outfitters
Does your friend loves fashion, books and photography? Get the ultimate 3in1 gift! A photobook "Rankin: Caroline Saulnier" from here!

Photography book from Urban Outfitters!

All images are from Urbanoutfitters.

Tell me what you think?
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  1. OMG, I need that pug pillow. Cool blog. All the photos make me smile!


  2. lol, you probably don't want to get "guilt" for your grandma, hihi :D jokes aside, i wish someone gave me a cool kawaii onepiece like that. and i really like the pastel hoodie in your latest post. awesome stuff!