"Published" two times in a row in Costume magazine!

This summer İ've been shooting some fashion bloggers which was very fun experience. During the summer you have endless locations outdoors and it's warm (nothing is freezing like now as the snow fell down and it turned -16!). It's a good reason to get your butt outside instead of killing your time behind the computer! Or behind any other screen!
I wonder what should I do now during the winter? Getting an indoor location to shoot is a challenge for me so this could be very educational!

Overall İ haven't shot that much outdoors before but the end results were still awesome. Especially with my new lens that İ've got for my birthday from my grandma!

Meanwhile a new magazine came out in Finland. İt's called Costume and it's originally from Norway! And photos I've shot are published in it! Or should I say "published"?

The photos got into the magazine trough an online competition they have online on the magazine's website. Unfortunately there's not my name under the published photographs but the blogger's. But that's life I guess!

Still, my photographs got into the magazine two times in a row! In November 2012 and December 2012/ January 2013 issues!

The photo in the last issue is least fav of mine but yeah. You should never send to other horrible photos because they tend to pick exactly the worst ones! Anyway seeing your photos published is still pleasant.

 You can visit my homepage for more photos!

What are your thought on that kind of publication/ exposure?

Thanks & Ciao!

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