OOTD Blue day gone pink

Yesterday İ received two pairs of sunglasses İ ordered a while ago from eBay. İ have zero idea why the hell İ wanted them. After I ordered the shades, İ had to posted an image of the glasses to my Tumblr, complaining about my brainless midnight online shopping. Some people found it interesting enough to like and reblog the image.

Anyways, the quality of these sunglasses suck so much that İ had to bend them straight because they looked kind of unbalanced when on. İt's China at its worst, although İ ordered them from US.

Besides quality İ guess they're good as shooting probs? İ've tested that right away and even managed to get an OOTD photo for my Lookbook. İ am kind of new to the site and haven't uploaded much. My super fantasy dream besides doing fashion and being a full-time blogger would be meet other bloggers around the globe! And do colorful stuff together! Maybe it will be fulfilled with help of Lookbook?

The outfit is very simple: blue sweater from Zara for men which İ bought from second hand and pants from Jack&Jones, bought last summer. No comments on my hair, LOL!

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Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2013

Alexander McQueen Autumn Fall 2013 Sarah Burton

When I first saw this collection, I immediately thought that I need to share this here! And watching the fashion show only strengthened my intention to do so.  I am talking about Alexander McQueen's Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.

All kind of dots, especially Polka dots, are floating all over fashion world and probably will be still seen a year later. Dots have always been trendy, at some level. Also high fashion designers are showing off their vision of dots with print and pearls, in all sizes, from tiny to gigantic. Fashion house of McQueen, which is currently led by Lee Alexander McQueen's personal assistant Sarah Burton, showed us very dramatic and sophisticated collection. Every single piece of this collection reflects so much work and detail perfection that you can feel it, as the models pass along the runway labyrinth.

With this said, I will shut up and let the collection speak for itself. Enjoy!

Alexander McQueen Autumn Fall 2013 Sarah Burton
Alexander McQueen Autumn Fall 2013 Sarah Burton
Alexander McQueen Autumn Fall 2013 Sarah Burton
Alexander McQueen Autumn Fall 2013 Sarah Burton

Photos are from here.

What you think of these creations?


Devil wears Second Hand: Buy, Save, Care

I've been thinking a lot about this lately - fashion and its effect on our environment. It's not something I've discovered yesterday or something, but I never gave such a huge thought about it like I do now. Re-using plastic bags, returning empty bottles, not dropping garbage on the ground (including cigarette endings :D ) and many other things I can't recall right now, it's part of my everyday life. Even when I'm flying on an airplane I'm like, for that amount of CO2 waste I could “spend it” driving by a car instead. You know, like in my country or something, driving is fun, although I don't have a license yet!

I remember when I was in the high school, I used to browse secondhand shops a lot. My classmates sometimes asked me, if I ever wear anything more than once. I liked mixing, matching and combining my clothes, I guess this left the impression that I'm wearing everything once. Of course I was wearing my stuff until there was no space for new hole!

A while ago I had a weird block against second hand shops, I didn't want to spend my time digging in the crap to find something that I liked but didn't fit me or wear something that is already worn out. I used to visit that kind of shops twice a year max.

All this is true, your hands will get dirty, you may leave without anything and clothes already have been worn by someone. Just like in a regular fashion store. If you think you're the first to try those jeans on, guess again? Hundreds of dirty people jump in to the clothes before you buy them. Some even buy and return the stuff.

Second hand shopping is more like digging for treasure: you can find high quality clothes, expensive brands for cheap price and natural materials. Although real vintage close can be made from synthetic fabrics, which feel terrible on the skin and are very heavy waste for the environment. Because the garment is already used, you don't have to wonder how many wears and washes will it last. If it made that far, it will last even longer.

When I see young people, who's hobby is shopping in unethical fashion stores, which care only for they're profit, not for workers, who work in the manufactures with poor conditions, extremely low wages and long working days, my hearts starts to bleed. Many low price new clothes are made partly from synthetic fiber to cut the costs of the production. Which is toxic to produce and to wear, not mentioning its pollution quantity to the nature. Shopping online doesn't make much difference because you are buying the same crap, just adding extra pollution with the logistics.

Here is a trailer of “China Blue” which is about downside of fashion manufactures, that we, buyers, don't get to see. Probably it's the same scenario in other low cost manufactures.

Now you know, how your 9,95€ jeans are made.

Second hand shops are amazing source of “raw” materials for clothing customization. That's the reason that got me so crazy about shopping in these stores, again. Recently I bought so many clothes that are in such a good shape and which I can customize to very unique pieces, that look great on me too. And oh my god how much you save money shopping there! I am personally looking for high quality materials, preferably natural like wool, leather, cotton. I am also looking for textiles for my sewing hobby like curtains etc. Buying jeans and pants has been always a sort of problem for me, because usually they look kind of ugly on me, not the right fit or too tight from above and just awkward from the bottom. Making me look fat or whatever. Not that used clothes look like they were made for me, absolutely not! But it's more okay to buy those used pants and re-construct them to fit me better. Especially if they are high quality garments , it's totally worth the effort! And you get something unique as well.

Here are some clothes I bought during last two weeks. This is what you get for 30€.

 I love this vibrant orange and the fabric feels nice and very comfortable. I'm not that crazy about this gray collar... Ew! It's Pierre Cardin, 100% pure cotton and made in Finland.

 Zara Men, I'm nuts about electric blue. Blue goes with so many colors, it's crazy!

 B.a.y. , 100% cotton. This brand is mostly sold in Seppälä. I'm dissing it, hah! But this shirt was must have because of the feel. I will customize it later.

 Mc. Gordon, 100% cotton. I am planning to sew these tighter and dye them. Maybe orange, because I already bought that dye. And this is why 100% cotton clothes are so amazing, you can dye them! There are more paints and dyes availiable for natural fabrics than for synthetics.

Hugo Boss, 100% cotton, made in Italy. This cotton is so heavy duty omg! The threads are showing because I already started unstitching the seams. The worn out black is so beautiful and has so many shades. I imagine them working great with something proper and correct looking like a light blue blazer or something.

What are your thoughts on second hand shops and wearing used clothes? Would you buy rather used Hugo Boss for 5€ or new 9,95€ jeans from H&M that are made in China?

Happy recycling,