Oh God, send me a pair of these shoes and save the kitties!

Seriously, who doesn't love shoes! Everyone would own billions of pairs, only if they could.
At least İ would! But there's a bigger problem than having the cash leftovers. My feet are just too large! Most of the shoe shops sell sizes that are up to eur 46 but my feet are 47! Terrible!
Random fashion stores like H&M and co sell up to 44-45.

Another reason is that even İf they have shoes that are in my size, they look ugly as hell! Just plain ugly fuckings. What's the point of ugly colorless shoes? İ don't own clothes that would go with black shoes!

İf you are not sure what İ mean by ugly men shoe, then go to a shoe store and have a look at the shoes for male buyers. All black or ugly core tex! No color no style. You won't find anything different most of the times (but sometimes you might get lucky!).

So here is a gallery of amazing shoes İ would like to find from stores. And İ don't care if there are no costumers to buy these products! That would mean sale discounts and many pairs for me!

All images are from http://www.luisaviaroma.com.

Shoes by A. Testoni, Pierre Hardy, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti, Adidas by Jeremy Scott, Dsquared, Giacomorelli, Burberry Prorsum
My friend asked me if these are girl shoes. No, these are for cool lads like me! : )

PS! Santa, can you see this post? :wink:wink:



  1. Those shoes are great! I think everyone should be able to have tons and tons of awesome shoes and I hope you get every single pair you've asked for!

  2. Great shoe collection, I've never seen these before!
    It would make my day If I saw a guy wearing pink poodles :P

    HEYLJ | Follow Me @ http://www.heylj.com

    1. I'd be happy to wear one! :D The babypink shoes are from Vivienne Westwood

  3. Great list of shoes, never get enough of them.
    Haley www.instyleforless.org