I Know What I Did Last Summer*

Last summer was great but short! Well I could say that every year!

I wasn't traveling much and most of my time spent working. But still managed to find time to visit my friends in Estonia and enjoyed spending time with them. We had parties non-stop and barbeques almost everyday. There is nothing better than cooking and relaxing with friends! At least I am that kind of person, lazy like a cat!

This summer I also started photographing fashion bloggers. All the blogging buzz etc was sort of new to me and I didn't know anything about blogging or how popular it is. Their adventures stories inspired me to start a blog myself.

I met three fashion bloggers and all of them have very different style from each other. Here are some photos.

Photographing these bloggers was probably one of the highlights in my summer. Shooting totally strangers was kind of new to me and therefor educational experience.

You can check out my photography page here .

Aamukahvila, indiedays, Henriikka Simojoki, fashion blogger
Aamukahvila, indiedays, Henriikka Simojoki, fashion blogger

Heidi Caterina Tuominen, searchingflbd, searching for little black dress, fashion blog

Annmarie, iltasanomat, fashion blogger
Annmarie, iltasanomat, fashion blogger

What have you been up to this summer?


*The title of this post is a modification of horror movie's name "I Know What You Did Last Summer", 1997



  1. Those are amazing pics! I love discovering new bloggers, definitely going to check them out. Thanks!