OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Summertime Sadness

"Kiss me hard before you go,
Summertime sadness,
I just wanted you to know
That baby you´re the best
Lana Del Ray, "Summertime sadness"

The fact is that July is very soon over and August means end of the summer. That sucks billions out of pennies, which are tiny just like our short summer. I've been cutting shorts and shirts short like crazy. Creating clothes you can't wear in the winter, what a waste of fabric. Maybe I should sew them back together? It would be like the next level of DIY master slave 666 (jokes on you, Illuminati freaks). 

To be honest, all this Illuminati paranoia shit is pissing me off. Christians go all coo coo, when a profit hungry pop singer does some kick ass music video, with horns on her head. Or something provocative stuff with super tight clothes, that leave no imagination, showing all the camel toes, vaginas and swollen tits. To get media's attention to spam us and promote their new songs and CD/s. Which we download illegally anyway? The real power of horns and triangles, wow, this deep shit just got deeper.
I think semiotics is very interesting and mixing a bit with art makes it all more meaningful.

Meanwhile, when singers are kissing The All Evil's buttocks, I am playing an angle. My skin is very white and gets never tanned, just like angels'. I mean, they are above fluffy clouds, grilling under the sun all day long and still white? White men logic.
My friends are telling me: "It's nice to see someone more white than me!" Pff, it's pretty pink not white!

With that mouth it's hard to pretend to be an angle. Said that, the photo of me might have some angel symbolism: the white light coming from the window, looking down at fools and the bed sheets are like those fluffy clouds, where you want to die on Monday mornings.

photoshopped, photoshop, boy, second hand, tartu estonia

I took this photo with my tiny Sony Nex-F3 camera I bought for under 350 euros. Every time, when my friends are getting a new camera and ask me for advice, I am a total micro camera worshiper. The image quality is amazing and they are super light in the weight. You don't need a camera that is too heavy to carry around, otherwise your life will be something that is described as hell. 
Of course I photoshopped the shit out of the original image.

pink hair male, boy, selfshot, photography, nikon, nikonist

It was around 9am and sunny, obviously. I had no tripod or other humans around to take the photo. So I built something out of cardboard boxes and tilted the camera with my friends' socks and put pepper plants in front to get more diamentional result. It is called "framing" in the photo and video industry and there are many ways to frame objects in the imagery.

selfie self shot photography

There is no logical nor systematical explanation of this outfit. All the clothes I bought from second hand shop and they cost me around 8 euros in total. Like ZOMG! The pants are cut short and bleached. I use more bleacher than drink milk a year! But that's only because I am anti dairy.

Right now I am into this Lana Del Ray remix.

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Rick Day

Rick Day (born 1960), he does boys and girls, in a very beautiful way. In case you don't know this photographer yet, hopefully you will become a huge fan of his work just like me. Because he is self-taught photographer and picked his camera at the age of 28, it makes him double inspiring!

He's the master of male nudes, beauty, fashion and advertising. I would love to intern for him! The lighting, post-pro and models' posing is just perfect. I wonder if he ever captures a bad frame or struggles with the light!

Although Rick Day is good at so many photography genres, his male nudes are the most strongest ones. Day published also several books that according to Wikipedia power boosted his career to a new level.

Hopefully this post is not too NSFW!
You can check out his portfolio here.

photographer rick day
photographer rick day
photographer rick day

rick day players one two book

This was today's dosage of men meat.
Now you know another big name in photography business!



DIY Sunset Beach tank top

Tervitusi* from Estonia! I was waiting so long this summer to stop working for a while and come to Tartu. Spending time with your old friends and taking it slow is def the meaning of the summer. It's so sunny and hot and I want to eat only watermelons and wear tank tops. 

 Tank tops aka A-shirts are the thing for me this summer. I feel so light and healthy and not feeling like covering my skin too much. I am not used to wear sleeveless shirts and that's why I don't own that many of these. But it's not that difficult to do it yourself from an old t-shirt. Especially if you are not looking for a proper and fit looking result, you can just leave the borders unfinished.

I used my old fav tank top as the "pattern" to get the approximate picture where to start cutting.  The old top is pretty skin-tight which my sister brought me from Thailand! I would die to go to Thailand, just imagine eating cheap and super ripe fruits and freshly sqeezed fruit juices all day long! Mmmm.... 

This t-shirt I got from my friend who didn't like it anymore. It's a bit too large for me but who cares, the colors are rocking! I hope I will get to own the shorts too! Real vintage!

*Tervitusi means greetings in Estonian

All best and keep on DIY


African wood

The weather has been perfectly hot and sunny the whole week and I even got some tan! Being all the time outside and wearing tanktops, yeah, I could do that all year long. If only I lived in a hot climate with summerish winters!

During this week, I accidentally visited more second hand shops than I normally would. Yesterday I bought a lot of stuff, including some interesting textiles, raw food books, shirts that I'd like to turn into tanktops, huge leather coat that I got for free (I am dreaming of white leather tanktop) and a huge wooden African style necklace.

I am really into wooden accessories. They have more value to me than some shiny crappy metal rings, bracelets and other stuff you find everywhere. The one I found for five euros is so huge and noisy, like a musical instrument when you walk with it. A proper wooden statement necklace, that will get barely noticeable when worn on a green or brown garment. Although it looks like an African style necklace, I have no idea where is it produced or where is the tree material from. I wonder if I am its second owner or maybe the tenth? But now it is mine and it's my turn to enjoy it!

 Dear readers,
Before you run to H&M, Gina Tricot or Seppälä stores, please visit your second hands first.
You might even find clothes that are produced in your own country!