#1 Make-up that blows my mind

There is sexy make-up and there is make-up that failed. Women's relationship with make-up is somehow funny but psychologically very deep and complicated. Which often comes out during a photoshoot. The people tend change so much and not only from the outside.

For me make-up is super exciting topic but I have to admit I have no glue how to do it. It's like there are billions of brushes and colorful stuff, foundations, primers, pads and liquids and who know what else... So confusing, when should you use which brush and in which direction etc... I'd rather keep out of that!

And that's what make-up artists are for! The cool thing about photography is that most of the time the photographer gets to decide which the make-up and hair should be done. (At least in personal work! Otherwise the client has the last word.) It's something I enjoy a lot!

I feel mostly inspired by vivid colors and big make-ups. I'm not that much into fantasy or weird goth flowers EWWWW!!! It has to be professional. Gluing thing on the face is cool though.

So here is a tiny collection of make-ups that blew my mind. There is something about vivid yellow and deep black. Looks somehow poisonous, like a tropical killer from animal kingdom. The one with pink eye shadows is very feminine and gentle but the black eye line gives nice edge and strong impression.

The one with golden liquid.. OMG!! Love it love it love it!!

The huge dark smokey eye is just great. This is what I mean by big make up! The bigger the better! (Sometimes.) The smokey eye should make the eye bigger but if the waterline is dark too it actually makes the eyeball appear smaller. Which in this case is very sexy! It adds mystery to the look. So cool!

All images are from Pinterest.

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