”Let there be light” said God and turned on the Christmas lights

So cool!!! Me like it a lot! They turned on the lights probably few weeks ago already, at least on the Aleksanteri street which is the commercial shopping street in Helsinki. They have A-letter hanging above the road. Stockmann, the oldest shopping mall in Finland, is also pimped up with lights, glitter, shine and sparkle.

I'm crossing the street many times and 6-7 days a week because it's on my way to work and back home. So yesterday I've decided to photograph the hanging light system. When I left work in the dark (at the moment it gets dark around 5-6pm) to capture something nice. It was raining a bit before I finished the day. All the roads were wet. Love it! The best conditions to get awesome street photos during the dark/ night because the roads reflect back all the light and it's just beautiful. Although all the moist and rain is not healthy for the camera but it wasn't raining during my action time so shoot shoot shoot!

I guess it was my first time I was shooting street light in the dark with my new camera Nikon D800 which I've got this summer. A while ago I shot Heidi for her blog but that's different. I kind of feel that city lights is sort of different genre for me which I enjoy a lot! You can see my city light collection on my website.

I must say the camera totally rocked. Nice image quality, killer colors, pure pleasure. And with a tiny re-touch they will be also rocking my blog!

The weird thing with red is that I totally hate it. At least this is how I used to think before. But red lights on Stockman are so awesome and effective. The yellowish lights give sort of luxury feeling what Stockmann branding is all about. 

I don't own any red clothes and it's not my fav color. I don't know why I feel that way. And then again I will do red and blue contrast re-touch on my photography.

Maybe it's time for me to admit that deep inside I like red??

Thanks & Ciao

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