Snow, snow, fashion! Snow, snow, fashion!

Yesterday when I was walking home it started to snow! I wondered what tomorrow will look like outside. All white and minus billion degrees? Around midday it showed +2 in the city center and it was raining for a while but not much.

My aunt called me while I was on my way home. She said they have -2 and everything is white. Well they live in the middle of Finland and the weather is very different from Helsinki. There it gets cold and the snowy like few months or so before in does here. It's just around 350km away and such a difference!

When I woke up today I heard outside this scraping sound. Like someone is cleaning they're car's front windshield from ice and snow.

I tell you right away, I hate snow and winter is not my fav time of the year. And this seasons lasts far too long in here! Gosh, snow from November until March or April... Sucks! Photos of snow and snowy Alps look nice but not experiencing it. At least I feel that way!

Fortunately there was not much snow on the ground and it actually looked nice because you know you won't suffer that much once you'll get outside. It's not that cold yet but weather tends to surprise, doesn't it?

Interesting thought that popped into my mind was one fashion editorial I saw sometimes somewhere. After a while googling it I found it. Tatler Russia December 2011! Photographed by http://thomaswhiteside.com/.

I was amazed how different and beautiful it looked compared to the fashion pics taken in sandy desert or some fields which are quit popular locations to shoot!

Photo source: Tatler Russia December 2011

Pretty neat looking, right? 

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