Fashion trends I don't understand: Creepers!

There are some things in fashion that I don't understand or which I hate. Like very weird fashion pieces that simply make you angry! So I've decided it would be fun to have a category about these things. First that pop into my mind are creepers!

What the hell are these? Me no gusta! I think creepers are really really odd shoes. Like super mega weird, ugly shoes. Ugly fucklings!

Right now I have to breath slowly not to explode...

Before starting writing this I asked some of my friends if all haters are with me? Do they like creepers? Are they fans? I actually don't know anyone with that style who could wear them out. But I'm sure there are such people. And I hope I won't see them. At least in the bars or clubs I'm going because that's how my creeper nightmare started...

To get to know creepers better I made some research first before writing this hate post. It was interesting to know that they're history started back after World War II! People used to wear them because of the cold weather. If you're from area with snowy and cold winter you should know that thin sole footwear is not good in the winter. Because the ground is cold and your temperature in your shoes chills and all that. The bottom of the shoe is not thick enough to block the cold from icy ground.

I asked some of my friends and they all were like "NOO!!". You can buy them almost from every online shoe-store and they sell them even in H&M. So there must be a lot of people who would give they're left arm just to own at least a pair. Obviously black. I imagine indie kids wearing them, so it has to be black!

One Estonian born musician, currently living in L.A, has something similar like the creepers but a lot of cooler shoe. Not sure how they're called but I like those shoes much better. The musician's name is Kerli. She does very interesting music and her music videos rock too! Always interesting ideas behind the story and a lot of the outfits and accessories are done by her. Even the shoes are costume made. How cool is that?

Kerli's images are from her facebook page.
I love following her on Facebook too.
She spreads love, beauty and all kind of positive messages around the world with her music and trough social media. You should check her out!
Thanks & Ciao

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