Faroe Islands, why do you have to kill whales and dolphins for fun?

It breaks my heart, makes me very sad and angry as hell.
Faroe Islands are part of Denmark, located between Norway and Iceland, has the most brainless annual “festival” ever. They tricked to the bay or fjord, where they will be slaughtered. Through this tradition young men will become “adults” after they kill the animal. Would you date someone who proudly for no reason killed an innocent huge animal?

These dolphin species are friendly in nature and come close to human to play and communicate. Their meat is also unsafe for human consumption. Especially for children and pregnant women.

 All images are linked from here, where you can also read more about whale slaughter.

There are also several petitions where you can sign against this cruelty. It won't take long time.

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  1. very stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!