Donatella Versace x Lady Gaga

My Tumblr feed is filled with Lady Gaga's photos of her attending Versace's show in Paris. The most popular is were they both are together, a gif from a youtube video.

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Donatella Versace – for very long time, I only knew how she looked like, because she has such an unique style. Very recently, I saw few interviews with her and was surprised, how interesting person she seems to be. At her age, 58, she looks wonderful and youthful. She kept on repeating about the amazingness of internet, and how much you can benefit from it business-wise, of course. Because she is throughout a strong business women and I admire people like her.

There were few interesting interviews about Donatella Versace on youtube, that I liked in particular, both were provided by Vogue. The longer interview, that was held by Vogue UK was really interesting and fun, but the interviewer was so unprofessional, that it was impossible to watch to the end. Such a shame on Vogue UK. Donatella told many fun stories and I like, that she has this terrible sounding voice and English, still she doesn't care nor let's that stop her from speaking. Also I was very touched by what she said on other Vogue interview that she would like to work more on her self-esteem. It sounded so human.

Here is the long interview, where the interviewer sucked.

Still, Lady Gaga and Donatella look amazing together, like mother and daughter. Love it!

donatella versace, versace, lady gaga, gagz, the fame, blond girls
 Image from here.

This collaboration of Gagz and Donatella brought up some rude village story, that Lady Gaga is morphing into Donatella Versace. I find it rather interesting, the chameleon like advertising campaign, where Gaga reminds of young Donatella.

donatella versace, versace, lady gaga, gagz, the fame, blond girls, fashion design, fashion, vogue
 Image from here.

Some people compare Donatella Versace to a blond leather bag, how nasty?! Little advice, that will make you a better person in this universe: stop judging people because feeling stupid afterward isn't pleasant!


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  1. hi....:) nicely written post :) they both look alike in the pictures :)

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  3. they're really looks alike

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