Kick ass Halloween costumes and movies

Halloween is my most favorite tradition of the year. I am more excited about it than my birthday, Christmas and celebration of Midsummer combined. Well maybe not more than Midsummer but still. I remember when I was young and watched satellite TV too much, there was so much Halloween themed movies and programs that I didn't go out at all during these days. Those movies and such were stimulating my imagination so much that it gave me kicks to paint strange stuff at school.
 For Estonians celebrating Halloween is pretty new thing and I doubt if they really celebrate it at all. We have our own celebrations that are somehow similar though. Right now I am living in Finland and here it's a big thing and I love it!

Right now there is a Halloween themed costume competition on Lookbook.nu which is sponsored by BlackMilk clothing. It's so amazing what kind of ideas everyone came up. Also the image quality is kicking ass like always.

Here are some looks that I liked the most. They include my favorite movie characters like Edward Scissorhands and Wednesday.

What is Halloween post entry without movie suggestions? Well, garbage, because not all people are interested in dressing them up like weirdos and go clubbing, drink their faces ugly and wake up somewhere costumes on. I'd like to share some old time favorite movies of mine. I probably watched these billion of times and won't get enough this Halloween either.

Tim Burton's "Beetlejuice" is one of my most favorite movies he has ever made.

"Rocky Horror Picture Show" made history! It was difficult to find a good trailer on YouTube.

 Hotel Transylvania is probably the less violent animation for children I've seen in my life!

Happy Halloween!

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