Behind the scene video of photo shoot: "How we met"

Hello ya'll, how you've been doing?
My blog's been kind of off for some months. Usually the reason for my rare blogging is being too excited about other things. And I am wowing myself for what I've learned meanwhile. Also I am considering expanding this website's themes and topics and adding some more categories, perhaps. I think blogging is a nice way to try out new things. I never contacted any designer to borrow some clothes for an outfit shoot for my Lookbook profile, which has by now over 2600 followers. Also it would be amazing to access exciting location for free, for some fun projects.

This blog has been created in November 2012. Basically it's a bit over a year old and I must admit, I am pretty satisfied with the statistics. I wasn't investing that much of my time like some other awesome bloggers did, and got killer stats. Even while being offline, everyday someone was visiting this blog.

My latest project, that I finished, was a ”behind the scene” video of one of my photoshoot in a hotel. It took place in in Tartu, Estonia, in August 2012. Thankfully I was smart enough to ask my friend to film the whole action. Because lately I've been interested a lot in videography so I had some materials to work on. In the future I see myself as a videographer and a photographer. Editing and composing the movie was a nice practical experience. On the next day, after posting the video, it already got over 500 views, thanks to participants, who shared it on their facebook profiles.

Seeing yourself on video is pretty awkward, sharing it to the world feels even more odd. But I guess a video tells you more about the person than a photograph. It's more real too because in photoshop you can edit everything you wish. It's possible in video too, but not as easy.

The story behind the shooting was to get me materials for couple photography promo. The funny part was, they weren't even a real couple, just friends. That's why you can't see any kissing, touching and such.

Here is a picture I posted on my instagram. Two images below are screenshots of the video: before color correction and after.

Hopefully you enjoyed the video!!!!


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  1. Well that is one fabulous video! I love it!