If only these streets could be your lovers

Usually I am super lazy to take out my camera, no matter how cool is what I see. Although I photograph a lot with my phone that I've got from my mother for my birthday, it still makes only 10% of what I think would be nice to photos of. This fall I tried to kill my laziness and take out that god damn phone more often.

All these photographs are taken with my iPhone 5 and edited with an app called PS Express. It's a free app where you can manipulate with toning, contrast, the darkness and lightness of the shadows and highlights, I love using it! If I could I would have added some features like sharpening function and masking.

I've been feeling very romantic lately. For me, personally, these photographs are taken with a romantic filter in front of the lens. They are hiding romantic feelings, erotic dreams and longing in themselves.
 It's about the feeling when you are not walking alone anymore.

This is how much I love walking around in the city at night,with lights fooling around on the wet street. I don't mind the darkness, it's more fun at night.


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  1. Amazing photos! Great caption of light and perspective (;

    Love, Maria