September with Mickey

There was a competition on Lookbook.nu where two attendees could win a free trip with all costs covered to New York Fashion Week. It felt kind of awkward not to try your luck, especially when you are spending so much time posting new looks there anyway. At this time I was watching Friends from the first episode to the really really last one. They did ten amazing seasons and filled my brain with New York.

Always, when there is a really special event I have to take part of, I want to wear something I made myself. It's been like this for years and I can't really explain this because I don't understand this weirdness myself. My best scenario of me dressing really cool is if I could order the clothes custom made by professionals, designed by me of course. I mean, if you can afford designer clothes, can't you afford in this case something more unique and tailored especially for you? I guess the process won't take much longer than ordering clothes abroad. Just imagine finding a very unique and inspirational vintage fabric and you get this cool idea that you want a jacket out of it. And boom, you're cool! Cooler than Lady Gaga in her meat dress or Kanye West with his Alexander McQueen face mask.

Anyway, I found this fun bed sheet from a thrift store and wanted to make a shirt out of it. Which didn't take more than a half hour to finish, a very simple three pieces long sleeve shirt. It's always fun to make these!

Unfortunately this was the last time I wore these white shoes which I wound from a second hand shop for four euros. They were Nike's golf shoes and someone painted them white, which I really liked. Not sure what happened but for some reasons they got really moldy from the inside. What the heck?! Anyway I had to through them away. I feel really bad for the cow who's skin these shoes were made, good find though.

 You may notice I photoshopped the background to match the shirt theme. Otherwise the photograph would be so boring to watching that it would literally hurt eyes and and burn two holes into your brain! You never know what are photography's hidden powers!

To sum this blah blah up, no, I did not win a trip to NY! But I hope the winners had a blast over there!!!


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