Top 5 Youtube upcycle fashion tutorials

Youtube is an amazing source for all kind of new knowledge. People give such an effort to produce videos about topics close to their hearts. It's not just for musicians to promote their music and boost sells. Young geniuses have kick ass channels too. I truly believe that today's education is getting more and more online and video classes are new way to study on your own ease that suits your busy life the best.

Photography, styling, tailoring, graphic design, cooking, you name it, someone probably has a video about it. I'm watching non-stop everything photography related like video courses about posing, photo editing tricks, business and so on.

Not that long time ago came across some unbelievably amazing videos about upcycling, I had to pick up my mouth from the floor. Upcycling clothing is like breaking the rules for me. It's so much fun and for me it lifts the value of the garment. Also you can save money, create your own unique style, lessen global waste and such through re-using and pimping your new stuff, instead of binning it and get new piece that is made in China or Bangladesh. A lot of people even earn money with their upcycling fashion. This makes a whole new group of DIY/Upcycle designers who's clothing look very wearable and professional.

Here are few awesome Youtube links I've stumbled on.
This one is my all time favorite upcycle video. I mean this women is a genius! And especially watch the end, it's a killer!

This one is more documentary video about London's upcycling business. Awesome work, I wish that kind of businesses would bloom around the world!

First I was very skeptical when she said in this video "few years old H&M coat". But the end result was like "omg I want this". I love her energy!

Going through all kind of upcycling video tutorials I've got an idea, why not make underwear out of old t-shirts? I found few DIY underwear tutorial and in one panties were made out of t-shirt sleeves. Although underwear and everything down stairs is extremely holy, it would be okay to create them from owners own old shirts. In case someone got undie-excited and got a future vision blast about creating upcycled underwear business, then go for it but use other textiles than thrift store shirts. Second hand stores are full of excess fabrics, small and big pieces. It's better to use something unused for that kind of intimate projects. Other than that, it's a nice way to turn your favorite unwearable t-shirt with cool print into new pair of underwear.

She made undies in 14 minutes! I love the way she cuts out the pieces without measuring. Also her moves are so fast, I thought "wow don't hurt yourself!". Especially the way she puts her fingers close to her overlock. My serger has cutting blades, so this is like an undie horror movie, seriously!


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  1. I just started upcycling. I just got this really nice vintage table base and I plan on making the rest of the table with metal scraps. My next project I want to do something with clothing. I don't know what yet but these videos gave me some great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!