African wood

The weather has been perfectly hot and sunny the whole week and I even got some tan! Being all the time outside and wearing tanktops, yeah, I could do that all year long. If only I lived in a hot climate with summerish winters!

During this week, I accidentally visited more second hand shops than I normally would. Yesterday I bought a lot of stuff, including some interesting textiles, raw food books, shirts that I'd like to turn into tanktops, huge leather coat that I got for free (I am dreaming of white leather tanktop) and a huge wooden African style necklace.

I am really into wooden accessories. They have more value to me than some shiny crappy metal rings, bracelets and other stuff you find everywhere. The one I found for five euros is so huge and noisy, like a musical instrument when you walk with it. A proper wooden statement necklace, that will get barely noticeable when worn on a green or brown garment. Although it looks like an African style necklace, I have no idea where is it produced or where is the tree material from. I wonder if I am its second owner or maybe the tenth? But now it is mine and it's my turn to enjoy it!

 Dear readers,
Before you run to H&M, Gina Tricot or Seppälä stores, please visit your second hands first.
You might even find clothes that are produced in your own country!



  1. I love it..I think for summer theres nothing prettier then african access!

    wanna follow each other?

    1. Thanks! Wood is not just beautiful material for accessories, it is also very light and feels great!

  2. You are absolutely right. Wood is light and feels great. this wooden African style necklace looks fabulous, I love wood accessories. Thank you

    1. Thanks! It`s crazy huge too :) A bit color shy though..