DIY Sunset Beach tank top

Tervitusi* from Estonia! I was waiting so long this summer to stop working for a while and come to Tartu. Spending time with your old friends and taking it slow is def the meaning of the summer. It's so sunny and hot and I want to eat only watermelons and wear tank tops. 

 Tank tops aka A-shirts are the thing for me this summer. I feel so light and healthy and not feeling like covering my skin too much. I am not used to wear sleeveless shirts and that's why I don't own that many of these. But it's not that difficult to do it yourself from an old t-shirt. Especially if you are not looking for a proper and fit looking result, you can just leave the borders unfinished.

I used my old fav tank top as the "pattern" to get the approximate picture where to start cutting.  The old top is pretty skin-tight which my sister brought me from Thailand! I would die to go to Thailand, just imagine eating cheap and super ripe fruits and freshly sqeezed fruit juices all day long! Mmmm.... 

This t-shirt I got from my friend who didn't like it anymore. It's a bit too large for me but who cares, the colors are rocking! I hope I will get to own the shorts too! Real vintage!

*Tervitusi means greetings in Estonian

All best and keep on DIY


  1. Great job on the tank! I love changing up my clothes, makes them last that much longer!

    1. Hi Caroline! I think everyone should re-design their old clothes to give them new life! :)