Old times, good times!

Time flies fast but that's okay. It's been over two months since my last blog entry. Meanwhile I've been doing so much stuff and many beautiful and happy things happened to me. I've been surrounded by good energy and beautiful people. Here I would like to share few important moments with you. This post won't be as fashionable as my previous ones, it will be about the happy dude behind this blog. And maybe a bit too much around electronics than it is healthy. I like shiny toys, what can I do?!

I couldn't figure out what would be a better way to describe past time than Instagram. If you are using it all the time, it will become a diary of your life in pictures. Which suits me well because I'll rather look at imagery than read text. And that's been from my early childhood. Call me lazy if you wish!

As a "work" or assignment camera I am using my super fancy Nikon D800 babe. With built-in 36mplx the image quality is really good and I am very happy with it but the thing is, it's heavy as hell! Having one kilogram of camera body plus several lenses hanging on your shoulder is kind of *ouch* on long outdoor sessions. And too heavy for an always-with-ya photomachine. I felt like I need something tiny, light and with a good photo quality. 200% of my images are photoshopped so the new camera should shoot RAW images not only JPEG. Most of the point and shoot cameras, even the advanced one with RAW image formats, seemed to be kinda crappy and limited in their possibilities. After a long search and analysis I decided to go for a micro DSLR and I should say I'm lovin' it!

Here is a selfie with the little, cute and very light Sony NEX-F3 with a fancy flip screen. The photo is taken with a phone, though.

Meanwhile I bleached my eyebrows again. Don't ask why. Soon I need to bleach them again.  

Soon all the snow was gone and everything became beautiful, vibrant and full of energy. I love flowers so much!

 And I was blooming too!

The time of the year was coming closer, when we get older... Soon was my birthday. My dear mom and my sister surprised me with a lovely gift which was totally unexpected. I was a bit mad at them too, because I hate when other people spend money on me! My mom said: "I don't want that my son was traveling with a broken phone!". Which was true, I dropped my iPhone 3gs on the floor and the screen got broken. But that was two years ago and it is still working like a charm!

Later on, at a birthday party, I received a white Samsung Galaxy Tablet... I warned you, this post will be very Hi-Tech and such. For my birthday party my family made me a surprise party like they have done last five years. Which is funny, until that we used to cook with our family for two days, for the big evening, when we will all over eat. And then eat some more!

This is Australian money. Very beautiful, I was WOWing it pretty long time. And it has a little transparent plastic part in the lower right corner. Unfortunately my cousin and her boyfriend, who came all the way from Estonia that birthday evening, were leaving to Australia the next morning. I hope they are happy and happier over there, in a worry-free sunshine land.

Few days went by and I became an UNCLE! Feels still weird. Maybe because my sister is younger then me and it's weird, when your baby sister does all these adult things. Although she's married already over a year and living in their own house!

Shortly after that I've decided to change my life for a healthier life. On 16th of May I woke up that morning and decided that I want to try a juice fast! It's when you drink for some period of time only fresh made juices. No solid food! For inspiration I've watched "Fat, sick and nearly dead". I've juiced all kind of greens and fruits and veggies I could reached. When I've reached my FOURTEENTH DAY of drinking only OMG how heavenly juices, I felt it's time to stop. The weight dropped four kilograms. After that I continued with raw food. Maybe it will become my new way of life. I've lost 9 kilograms in total since I've started with juicing.

New camera lens! Nikkor 85mm F1,8! I've been thinking of getting this for a very many years. It was worth waiting!

 I love when my dear friends come to visit me from Estonia!

 On the 4th June I went to Tallinn to shoot an Indian dance event. I think everyone should sometimes see something that different from your own culture. It's refreshing.

This last shot is very special. Even though the "lighting" is weird, I look weird and the quality is crappier than anything in this world. But the moment was one in a life time, when a tired and skinny photographer is sailing from one capital city to the other at 11 PM, standing alone on a ship deck, enjoying the sunset on horizont, strong yet warm wind. The deck was totally empty and even the bars were closed. It was Tuesday night and it was magical.

Always high on life,


  1. Though I dont have hi tech gadgets such as yours, its always cool to see the result of using such gadgets! I love the photos. Its very interesting. Oh and for some reason I really like Australian money a lot. Its plastic right? Not paper? Anyway cheers and belated happy birthday. :)

    1. Australian money is paper, but only the transparent part is plastic. Really beautiful money! So colorful!
      Thank you Kai!!!

  2. I love this! You're Instagram is more a diary of one's life, if you use it very often though.
    I never knew Australian dollars were from plastic, because Euros are from cotton..
    Great images and I really love your banner!!

    1. Thank you!! I am very pleased that you like my banner. And I'm not getting tired of it :)
      I guess they are partly plastic. I mean, plastic money would be so terrible to the nature!! :(
      Euros are from cotton??? Are you sure?? :OO

  3. I've had that same Nikkor lens for a few months now and it's the best lens ever. Truly enjoy your blog. Thank you for being different and having a POV.

    Becca in NYC

    1. Thank you Becca! I think that's why I post so "often" :D I just don't fancy posting about "shop picks" etc.
      Btw I had amazing shoot outdoors last Tuesday. I didn't take the lens off not even once!! And I am very happy about the results too :)

  4. Wow what a great few months! Loving the pictures and the peek into your life!

    1. Thank you Caroline! Love your blog! :)
      I have nothing against sharing my life with people I don't know in person. But I would hate having a too lifestyle blog. I think I'm a gray mouse. Lets leave glitter and sparkle for others! :)