Late night munchies

Yesterday I was visiting my sister and her husband. No special occasion, just us, eating a lot of food. After few plates of delicious pasta with sun dried tomato pesto and a bit of ice-cream I was done. How disappointing?! We had the fridge full of food and later on we went for a further food hauling to the stores. Ring a boring alarm, if you wish. But all the smoked salmon, apple pies and puddings were left untouched!

Few days ago I received a new camera and I'm loving it! It's the Sony NEX F3K! Tiny, compact but powerful! Especially if you are post processing your photos anyway, it might be a better choice than a regular heavy DSRL, in my opinion! Since last year I've been eagering for a tiny cute little cam for everyday use, something small that fits into the pocket but has still high quality. Well this Sony doesn't fit into any of my pockets with that KIT lens but it fulfills all the other criterion like shooting with RAW, lightweight and small, advantaged and versatile, comes with Full HD video possibilities and good high ISO performance. I am a pretty bitch what comes to photography, aren't I? Well, I hope I am!

My eyebrows and eyelashes look funny! I dyed my eyelashes with a permanent dye and bleached my eyebrows myself. That's why you can see only the shadow of my brows! Okay okay I admit it's the roots showing of my badly bleached eyebrows! :D

By the way, now I have an Instagram now! Check me out here!


  1. Great photo's!
    Have you changed the header, it looks new to me, I love it!

  2. Loving the new banner! That camera sounds awesome, I love my dslr but it sure can get heavy! Totally agree that smoked salmon should always be eaten!