Will.i.am feat Britney Spears, when black marries gold

Some music vids are so cool that I'm watching them over and over again. Sometimes I show the videos to friends too who don't listen that kind of music etc. I remember when my cousin was visiting me. She has a BA in art and doing her master. We were getting ready for a party and I showed her Lady Gaga's ”Bad Romance” video. I knew they played that song in the clubs. I also knew she would love the music video although she's not listening to that kind of music. So next day she told me that when we went to sleep in the morning after night out, she had a dream where were white latex creatures and Lady GaGa performing. It was so funny!

I love music videos that are more like short movies. Over all I'm much into fantasy movies, photography etc. So the pop culture of music industry knows my weakness and I definitely am very receptive to they're new stuff. Yes, please, play with my mind! Me gusta!

Recently I discovered this song "Scream and shout" from Will.i.am and Britney Spears. First İ was very surprised with this combo. İ would never imagine Will.i.am with Brit! Although he made stuff with J-Lo and Nicki Minaj!

This video has a lot of black and gold. I'm not that much into black clothes. I love colors and try to avoid black. Although sometimes all black could be easier choice.

I am also getting a lot of DIY ideas from the fashion that is used in the music videos. My mind is all the time full of thing and ideas that I don't know how to accomplish or don't have time. DIY are super clever thing to wear to special occasions, events and parties. You wanna look cool but not H&M cool or what ever. Well maybe that is cool with you but I would hate wearing something so obvious. Except if you find something from the stores that doesn't scream the brand. Not just H&M I hate shirts that have written ARMANI or some other crap in bold big letters! Eww!!! Ugly! But H&M and other that kind of inexpensive shops are great source for DIY clothes. So you don't have to sew things from the scratch but you can dye and pimp a ready to wear product. Just watch out for the quality!

Here are some screenshot's of the things I liked from this Will.i.am music video with Britney Spears. The video has a lot of other visually nice frames. Some effects with the light that I would like to try in my photography.


I don't really wear caps but maybe I could find some that look OK on my head. My head is sort of big or something. But it's something I should experience with. Pretty bad ass, nej?
Teeth style spikes are nice alternatives to regular spikes.

Love the necklace!

 I love these stars attached to the jacket. There was something similar in Lil Wayne's music video "Y U MAD" with Nicki Minaj. He had hanging crosses on he's pants.

Mmmm... Cap!

And some other screenshots I really liked. 

The light in this frame is just awesome! Especially in the video. Maybe it won't work that well in a photo but you won't get to know unless you try it!

Ooohhhh!! Meow! One of my model's brought to the set with her similar heels. You can order similar from Zara!

Britney Spears

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  1. I really love this song!
    It's indeed a cool clip x