My first month of blogging

My baby (read: my blog) got today ONE MONTH old! Unbelievable how fast time went by. Creepy!

Hopefully in the future İ will be posting more often and discover new topics for me to write about.

The Christmas went very well! İ've got really nice and useful presents. My family knows what that boy wants! Creepy Vol 2!!!

İ've got tickets to cinema, Dior Homme Sport and a new green hat! İ am very difficult at picking the right fragrance, because they all smell nice and it's hard to find "the one and only and the best" fragrance. You know, some smell good only in the beginning and later more like dead cat or some shit like that. But not this one!

Now İ'm a cool blogger and smell sexy too!

And some off topic thoughts:
This is where I am right now!


And this is where I would love to be ... 
PS! If you are living in some place similar to the picture below and disliking it, I officially hate you! Period!


Happy everything!


  1. It would be so cool to see a short summary of your blog: number of posts, comments, photos, videos, visitors, visitors per country and words/expressions people have inserted into Google search bar that have enabled them to reach your blog. Statistics is nothing but yet everything :D

    1. Yeah I know! I wish that all blogs would have all the stats out and clear. I'm very into statistics!
      Though one month is maybe too early for any crazy stat review. Though many friends, whom I told about my stats so far WOWed that blog. Things take they're time to develope, UNFORTUNATLY! Hhaha
      Happy holidays!

  2. Here's to cool bloggers!!! Congrats on your one month anniversary. Can't wait to read more.