The Frog from Berlin

Recently I rediscovered Lookbook and gosh: ”My name is Aleksander and I am a Lookbook.nu addict!”. For a week, I've been posting looks every day and on few days even twice. The feedback I am getting is amazing. People are so kind there: leave positive comments and send me super lovely e-mails. Well, some flirting e-mails too, it's like new dating site!

Anyway this sweatshirt I got few years ago from H&M in Berlin. I guess it was this time when I arrived at 7.30am and all the shops were opening at 9 or 10am. Somehow I remember I was ”spending” my time literally on the streets because everything was closed. And it was raining a bit. It was raining the whole fucking trip! Like seriously, great vacation, thanks weather!

The pants I bought from a thrift store, when I was visiting Estonia last month. Cost me only 5€!

To be honest, I can't be honest! Especially in photography, I photoshop the shit out of everything! I cheat with everything that is cheatable. I even photoshop myself skinnier. Not because I see myself as fat, sick and nearly dead (it's a great movie, please watch it!), but just a little something makes me always feel better. Although, now that I lost some weight, I spend less time photoshopping! LOL

About the shoot... I don't know where the idea came from, like always. So I threw everything to the floor and ducktaped a blue bed sheet behind the bed! We have vino tinto color wallpaper there, which is ugly and didn't matched with the idea anyway. Naked bed's been in my mind for many years and I remember one photograph I took of myself back in 2005 or 2006.

I used two of my 300 LED video lights. They have 300 tiny super bright bulbs, every time you watch into them, you are blinded for few seconds. But they are really comfortable to use, because of the adjustable power option and they are on rechargeable batteries. You see what you get, whole different world from using speedlights!

I still don't have a remote for my Nikon D800. I usually set my camera on timer to shoot 5 photos with 5sec intervals. The focusing is kind of cheesy because the focus locks when you press the shutter button, when you are by the camera pressing it! So I had to use a pillow as my stuntman to fix the focus and run onto the bed, throwing the pillow away and imagining looking fab and sharp in focus. Normally it takes me around 30min up to 1h and 100-160 shots to get 1-2 photos for the Lookbook. Sometimes even 10min, if I need only one shot and it's doesn't involve anything extreme posing or jumping. Plus photoshopping time, which takes usually 30min up to 1,5h per image. I didn't watched the time but I guess it took me about 15min to edit the white wall photo and about a hour to edit the bed shot. Usually not knowing what are you looking for in processing, is most time consuming. Here I struggled a bit.

And this is what I am charging for, my dear clients. Clicking the shutter button is the tiniest deal of it. It's my 8 year photoshop experience and time spent behind the screen. Okay, not really. My camera's price was 3000€ and then comes all the other shit, like different lenses, strobes and lights, stands, reflectors and 10 years photography experience. I feel kind of old saying these numbers.

I am 26 years old and I have a long, sunny and healthy life ahead of me!

Here is a little behind the scene picture I posted on instagram!

instagram, behind the scenes, iphone 5

And here is me, being #1 male lookbooker this week! I guess it changes every minute but right now I am number one in top 25! Ahh!!!  

lookbook streetstyle hot lookbookdotnu

My Lookbook dream is right now to be in the HOT section! Because Lookbook is sharing hot looks on tumblr and facebook. Would be a blast!!!



By the way, did you like Lady Gaga's new music video "Applause" that was released today? I love it!