Shooting ”White Polar Night”, OOTD

Have you ever photographed with balloons? If I'm not wrong then this should have been my fifth shoot with balloons! But because it's my 300th shoot or even more, you can't really sue me for lack of creativity!

Balloons are cheap and fun props that can give childish or mysterious spirit to your imagery. And they are reusable! Don't just pop them with needles, don't create pointless garbage.

In this shoot I am wearing a DIY sleeveless shirt. The color was so intense that I couldn't leave it in the thrift store. Not to mention its super low price. It was awesome and exciting, yet its imperfection left me in doubts. ”When it doubt, through it out,” they say. But not with this thought. The point was, it had a terrible print on it, which went all the way through the fabric to the other side. What a fucking idiot prints ”bastard” on a shirt? That's what means ”värd” in Estonian! And the other reason was that it was like XXXL. A lot of work before I could finally enjoy it. But the fantastic color and really really nice and high quality cotton kept me thinking, ”I need this, but what the heck should I do with it?!”.

So I cut it tighter and unsleeved this beautiful monster! To be honest with you, I removed the print in photoshop. I was kind of busy shooting it for my Lookbook.nu. But I'll promise, I will do some killer prints on it, to level it up to a kick ass bastard. I had something illuminati theme in mind. I know it pisses Christians up as hell, but listen up, this one is different. I thought it would be cool to print two eyes in front and one big eye on back, with a text “stop watchin'”. Didn't it mean “all seeing eye”, the eye symbol? Well, stop watching, retardo, and mind your own shizl!

At some levels it was that kind of shoot that didn't take long to get it right. Sometimes the idea is so easy and inspiring that everything falls effortlessly into its place. Even the digital processing part went very smoothly without wasting tons of hours of my life.

 The funny thing is, that this can be done without a sewing machine. You can sew everything by hand and no one can tell. Can you tell that about my shirt? Because this is how I made it. I'm not done with it yet though. Also, if you would ever get tired of it, you can sew sleeves from other shirt to make it different. Because high quality long lasting clothes you can redesign, costumize and upcycle many times. They simply last years and years.

 Well Gaga is back, which means listening to her older songs. My forever favorite is acoustic version of her "Paparazzi". I must admit I was listening to it on repeat the whole time I was writing this post.

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But you don't have to if you don't feel like it. We are humans and deserve the right to be our selves. Russia has a lot to learn from real world. Don't get me wrong, it's not the country, it's its asshole laws.


  1. you look stunning (you see I'm repeating myself but I can't find a better word to describe my feelings.) balloons are great idea, not not often to see indeed.
    you're very stylish. folloing oyu now

  2. in case you are interested my blog is Inside and Outside

  3. hehe thanks! I don't even know what to say so I'll just shut up and continue taking photos... Of myself :D

  4. Thank you Lyosha, I am checking it out!! :)

  5. yeah, take more of them - that's exactly what I want you to do. xDD