OOTD Blue day gone pink

Yesterday İ received two pairs of sunglasses İ ordered a while ago from eBay. İ have zero idea why the hell İ wanted them. After I ordered the shades, İ had to posted an image of the glasses to my Tumblr, complaining about my brainless midnight online shopping. Some people found it interesting enough to like and reblog the image.

Anyways, the quality of these sunglasses suck so much that İ had to bend them straight because they looked kind of unbalanced when on. İt's China at its worst, although İ ordered them from US.

Besides quality İ guess they're good as shooting probs? İ've tested that right away and even managed to get an OOTD photo for my Lookbook. İ am kind of new to the site and haven't uploaded much. My super fantasy dream besides doing fashion and being a full-time blogger would be meet other bloggers around the globe! And do colorful stuff together! Maybe it will be fulfilled with help of Lookbook?

The outfit is very simple: blue sweater from Zara for men which İ bought from second hand and pants from Jack&Jones, bought last summer. No comments on my hair, LOL!

If you like this look, please HYPE! Thanks! :)


  1. why no comments on your hair???? it is so funnyyyy, like the fluffy foliage of a carrot that you used on your hair, mwahahah! i myself want to dye me hair pink, hope that it will happen soon!
    your outfit's are just that colourful thing i needed to wake up completely this morning :p
    do you use a tripod?
    oxox me

    1. Haha thanks! Well in some countries you can dye your hair however you want and still go to work. In other countries you will get in trouble.

      Yes I use a tripod because I have one. But you can place the camera onto whatever high thing. You can built something high out of shoe boxes for example. But tilting your cam will be a bit of a work. You can also get a tiny tripod from ebay like gorillpod or smth, it's better than nothing. But also with nothing you an get somewhere :)

  2. Oh wow, I love those colours. The quality may be a bit dodgy, but you'll definitely have some fun in those!

  3. Please please please!!!
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    1. Thanks Tripanista!
      Currently I'm taking my OOTD photos more inside but in the summer I will be traveling around Europe and will take killer shots for Tripanista! :)