H like Heidi and Helsinki Cathedral

Last week Heidi e-mailed me if I have time to shoot her OOTD. I had only the next day off of my busy week and she booked me right away!

We met in front of  most popular sightseeing spot in the city, Helsinki Cathedral. Especially during the summer, this would be my number one place to took any visitor, who would need take tourist snaps around the city. During the summer you can sit on the warm stairway, enjoy the city view, and lick on melting tar flavored ice-cream. My favorites are mint and mango flavored though, but just for the record, here, in Finland, they sell even licorice flavored ice-cream which actually isn't that bad! Some time ago we had a really ice-cream flavor madness going on, there was chilli and blue cheese tasting ice-creams. What??

Even though I enjoy sitting in front of cathedral, when it's hot and sweaty outside, I was a bit skeptical how it would look on the photographs. Some locations might seem like a good idea but in practice, they don't work out at all. I must admit I am surprised as hell. I like the end results. It reminds me of the music video from Lana Del Rey “Born to die”. The columns just look so magical and different with all the snowy scenario.

By the way, Heidi is the star blogger on Finnish Cosmopolitan's site. See if you can find my name here! :)
If you can any Finnish you can read Cosmo's short interview with her, which is also decorated mostly with photos taken by me! Hih!

You like? (with Spanish accent)


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