Happy Socks of Sweden

Fist of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully number 13 will be everyone's happy year!

Here's something to feed my sock fantasy!

People, who know me well, remember me for wearing colorful socks. Dunno, black just doesn't look that nice with my eyes. I've had them in all neon colors, stripes and dots, with funny pictures. It's not easy to find fun socks for men, mostly they sell black, brown, dark blue, beige, dark gray. YAK!  Mint green, old pink, light blue shades, with funny prints please my mind into buying the products. Companies, think about it! :D Make my life easier! Cool stuff shouldn't only exist on models, magazines and in our fantasies but should be accessible also in real life!

Today I came across this webstore. I'm not sure what I was browsing except EVERYTHING and then I came across this. Happy Socks, as the name says, sell funny socks for men and women. They're collection is pretty nice but there's always room for expanding and do something that others don't.

Probably they don't have that large variety on they're website which is sad. It's kinda disappointing, that shops, that have physical stores, don't have that much stuff online. At least that's what I've noticed about some store's  webshops and it sucks!

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Would you buy any of these for your boyfriends?